Why data management?

Good research data management has many advantages: for yourself, for your research institute, for your discipline and for the world around us.

Ensuring the integrity of your research 

  • Your research data are always accurate, complete, authentic and reliable
  • You minimalise the risk that your data are lost, damaged or end up in the hands of unauthorised persons
  • You can share your data with others with a minimum of exertion
  • On the basis of your data, others can quite simply verify your results

Increasing the impact of your research

  • Publication and reuse of your data increase the impact of your research
  • Citation of your data is already an acknowledgement of your contribution to your research field 
  • You contribute to the reputation of your institute as a research organisation

Supporting future use

  • Published data prevent a needless repetition of research
  • Your data may be reused to answer new research questions
  • Your data may be reused by researchers in other disciplines than your own

Satisfying in- and external requirements

  • You demonstrably satisfy the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice or the Code of Conduct Applied Research for Higher Professional Education
  • You satisfy the policy of research funders in dealing with research data 
  • You show your social responsibility for the funds spent on your research

Published by  RDM support

30 October 2015