RDM Policy

The RDM Policy project is directed by Academic Affairs. It aims at drawing up a clear code of conduct for all UvA and AUAS staff who deal with research data.

Central guidelines

In April 2015, the Executive Board (CvB) drew up guidelines for research data management (RDM), the handling of research data, at UvA and AUAS.

Data protocols

Faculties, research institutes and centres for applied research have been asked to develop these central guidelines into local policy proposals and instructions. The RDM programme provides support, among other things by means of a 'Guidance data protocol'.


dhr. H.C. (Hugo) Nierstrasz 
Beleidsmedewerker Academische Zaken/O2 
h.c.nierstrasz@hva.nl | 0613667190

Published by  RDM support

26 August 2016