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RDM Repository

The RDM Repository project is directed by the University Library. It aims at creating a repository for archiving and publishing the research data of completed research projects.


In the first half of 2014 we investigated which systems might be useful for the UvA to publish and/or archive research data in citable form. 

During the investigation particular attention was paid to the following aspects: 

  • The server of the repository for research data must not be in the USA and not be subject to American jurisdiction (in particular to the PATRIOT Act).
  • Privacy-sensitive or classified datasets must be stored/archived (encrypted) on a server/in a closed repository within UvA.
  • It must be possible to place research data under embargo in a repository.
  • There must be a possibility to give peer reviewers access upon request to research data which have been placed in the repository under embargo.
  • It must be possible to create a persistent identifier and assign it before files are published.

Research has shown that the market for repository systems has changed. There are now products in the market which offer facilities both for storing and sharing research data during research and for archiving and publishing data afterwards. Since it is expected that the costs of an integrated system will be higher than the European limit for tenders, a tender is now being prepared.


The steering committee consists of Renze Brandsma (head sector Digital Services University Library), Marion van Brunschot (Office for Metaservices University Library), Caspar Treijtel (Digital Production Centre University Library), Julia Noordegraaf (Faculty of Humanities) and Driek Heesakkers (programme manager UvA RDM Support). Project manager is Matthieu Uittenbogaard (Digital Services University Library) 


Mr M. (Matthieu) Uittenbogaard

Project manager RDM Repository