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RDM Support

The RDM Support project is directed by the University Library. It aims at setting up an efficient service, online as well as offline, to support staff and provide good training courses for all involved.

Project subdivisions

Training information specialists

In order to be also the first port of call for questions on research data management by 'their' researchers, the information specialists of the University Library had a training course in (supporting) research data management, during the first quarter of 2014. The course material is online available for reuse under CC BY-SA license.

Are you ready for RDM support? Outline of basic training course for information specialists

RDM Support - basic training course for information specialists: fileset


Since not (always) all aspects of research data management can be treated in face-to-face training courses and since a physical helpdesk cannot be manned 24/7, online support is essential. To this end an RDM website has been developed as part of the UvA web. To begin with, the website contains basic information on all aspects of research data management. The website will then be extended with pages for specific disciplines and online training modules. The website will be available in Dutch and English.

Service point

There will be one RDM service point, housed in the University Library, for all researchers. It will function as a one stop shop for all researchers, as the address to which information specialists can refer, and as a triage point for related central units and services. The service point will rely on a UvA-wide back office, a network of relevant contacts who can be called in if the question by a researcher necessitates it. 

Training of (early-career) UvA researchers

On the basis of course catalogues and website information we will find out in how far research data management is already part of information literacy courses for (Research) Master and PhD students.

Information specialists will contact Graduate Schools and research institutes to discuss how RDM can be integrated in the existing curriculums. Where necessary and possible, the information specialists will assist teaching RDM, for example by developing course material.

In the autumn of 2014 a number of non-discipline-specific RDM workshops will be organised for researchers. If these workshops turn out to meet a need, they will become a regular part of the courses offered by the Library. Moreover, online training modules are being developed, which will be made available on the RDM website. 


The steering committee of the project consists of Maria Heijne (director of UvA and HvA Libraries, chairperson), Gerard Köhler (head of the sector Information Services University Library), Hilde Geurts (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences) and Driek Heesakkers (programme manager UvA RDM Support). Project manager is Mariëtte van Selm (Information Services University Library)


dr. M. (Mariëtte) van Selm

Project manager RDM Support