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  • Zakrzewska, Ewa (invited speaker) (10-3-2016): Jan Baudouin de Courtenay: a narrative interview as an information source, Institute of Polish Linguistics, University of Warsaw.
  • Zakrzewska, Ewa (invited speaker) & Wierzbicka-Piotrowska, Elżbieta (invited speaker) (8-3-2016): Jan Baudouin de Courtenay in his daughter's memories, Jan Niecisław Baudouin de Courtenay, Warsaw, Poland.
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  • Zakrzewska, Ewa (speaker) (18-2-2016): How to construct empathy with a martyr? The case of the Bohairic Coptic Martyrs Acts, HOLY HERO(IN)ES, Ghent, Belgium.
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  • Zakrzewska, Ewa (invited speaker) (30-10-2015): Social Network Analysis and historical sociolinguistics: the case of the Coptic Manichaean corpus from Kellis, Papyri and Social Networks in a Wider Context, Leiden, Netherlands.
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  • Zakrzewska, Ewa (keynote speaker) (8-8-2014): Sacred languages and religious discourse, Discourse Analysis of Ancient Religious Texts, Erfurt, Germany.
  • Zakrzewska, Ewa (invited speaker) (24-6-2014): Thetic utterances in Bohairic Coptic, Information Structure in Egyptian across time , Berlin, Germany.
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  • Zakrzewska, Ewa (speaker) (14-5-2013): GIVE in Bohairic Coptic, Scandinavian Conference of Linguists, Reykjavik, Iceland.
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