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Finding data

Countless datasets from all kinds of disciplines are available worldwide to be used for new research and teaching. These datasets are stored mainly in (discipline-specific) repositories.

Registers of repositories

A register of research data repositories which can be searched by subject, type of data and country. You can also browse lists of subjects, types of data and countries.


The Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape project (MERIL) maps research facilities in Europe. To find data repositories, select  Data Archives, Data Repositories and Collections at  RI Categories. You can filter by discipline and country.

Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR)

A register of repositories. To limit your search results to data repositories, check the option Research Data at Repository Type in the Advanced Search screen. You can search by title, description, country, discipline and more.

Open Access Directory (OAD): data repositories

A list of repositories and databases for open data, arranged by discipline. 

Search engine for datasets

The websites of individual repositories usually have a search option to search the collection of datasets in that repository. 

DataCite Metadata Search

A search engine for datasets registered at DataCite. Via member organisations, DataCite assigns Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to datasets.

Data papers

Data papers are articles in which a specific dataset, findable online, is described. These articles are published in so-called data journals: electronic journals which aim wholly or partly at publishing data papers. Just like regular articles, data papers may be subject to peer review.