Non-digital data

Research data are not necessarily digital. There may be good reasons to decide to digitise analogue research material.

The Leeds University Library provides an online toolkit with tips and advice on digitising analogue audio-visual material.


Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), a KNAW and NWO institute, has a limited budget to subsidise smaller data projects.

In the Subsidiewijzer (Grants guide) of the Kenniscentrum Digitaal Erfgoed DEN (Digital Heritage Netherlands Foundation) you will find a survey of other options to find funding for digitisation projects.

Storing paper data

Our colleagues in the Department of Records and Information Services (DIV) can advise you on how to store paper data securely. If you prefer, you can hand over the management of these data to DIV.

Published by  RDM support

22 August 2017