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Since these days research data are increasingly digital, it has become quite simple to publish datasets and to reuse datasets of others.

Publishing data

Just like articles and books, research data can be published. What options are there and what points require special attention?

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Finding data 

Countless datasets from all kinds of disciplines are available worldwide to be used for new research and teaching. These datasets are mainly to be found in (discipline-specific) repositories. 

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The licence under which a dataset is made available, defines what you or someone else is allowed to do with the dataset.  

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If a dataset is deposited in a data repository, it is given an identifier: a code which is unique to (this version of) the dataset. This code makes it possible to cite this specific dataset, for example in (your own) publications. 

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Just like an article or book, a dataset may function as an information source for an academic publication. The dataset must be explicitly cited as a source, also if you yourself are the creator of the dataset.

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