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Managing research data efficiently requires planning: finding out what requirements you must satisfy and laying down how you are going to tackle the management of your data.

Data management plan

A data management plan (DMP) is a digital document in which you describe what data your are going to collect during your research project, how you will store and manage the data during the project, and what will happen to the data after the project has finished. 


DMPonline is an online tool for researchers to easily write, edit, share and store data management plans.

UvA and AUAS policy

At the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) a policy for research data management is being developed. The UvA and AUAS conform to what has been agreed on in (inter)national collaborations.

Funder requirements

An increasing number of funders of academic research make requirements about how researchers are supposed to handle their data. These requirements vary by funder.

Publisher requirements

Publishers may require you to make the data on which your article is based, available to others for consultation. 

RDM costs

Managing your research data can be very costly. How can you create an overview of your expenses and limit them?

Personal data

A lot of research involves using personal data. Researchers are required by law to manage this information carefully. How do you do that?

Informed consent

When your research involves test subjects, you need their permission. What does this entail and what should you be mindful of?