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Publishing your data increases the impact of your research within and outside your field. It can lead to new (interdisciplinary) collaborations, facilitates meta-analyses and reuse of existing data.


UvA/AUAS figshare is the institutional data repository of the UvA and AUAS. In UvA/AUAS figshare you can safely archive and publish your data. Your file is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), a unique permanent link you can use in articles and presentations.

Points requiring special attention

If you are going to publish your data, there are a few matters you should take care of:

Since it is not allowed to publish personal data, datasets with personal data must be anonymised. 

Data of which it is not clear when and how they are collected, are useless to others (and to your future self). That is why a dataset must be described.

By providing your dataset with a licence, it is made clear to others what they are or are not allowed to do with your dataset. 

Most data repositories allow you to place a (temporary) embargo on your data : during the embargo period the description of the dataset is published, but the data themselves are not available for reuse by others.