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UvA/AUAS figshare

UvA/AUAS figshare support

For support while using UvA/AUAS figshare a number of options are available.


We provide several manuals for UvA/AUAS figshare.

UvA/AUAS figshare manuals

Data stewards

Each faculty has appointed one or more data stewards. They perform several admin tasks in the UvA/AUAS group(s) they are the data steward of:

  • handle researcher requests for more storage space;
  • manage items of researchers who have left UvA or AUAS; and
  • if applicable, approve items before publication (curation workflow).

If needed, data stewards are able to upload items to UvA/AUAS figshare for researchers and make one researcher’s items available to another. Data stewards will only do so upon request and with permission of the researcher involved.

The data stewards are also able to answer your questions on using UvA/AUAS figshare.

Data stewards UvA

drs. B.C. (Bas) Bouten MBA

Faculty of Economics & Business (FEB) and ABS-RI

prof. dr. F.R. (Frank) Kleibergen


drs. G. (Gea) Lindeboom

Faculty of Humanities (FGw)

drs. Y.M. (Yomi) van der Veen

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) and AISSR

dr. J. (Jasper) van de Pol


dr. G.J.A. (Harry) Garst


Mr B.N.J. (Boy) Menist

Faculty of Science (FNWI)

drs. S. (Sanne) Veenenbos

Faculty of Law (FdR)

Data stewards AUAS

N.R. (Niek) van Ulzen

Faculty of Sports and Nutrition (FBSV)

Faculty of Health (FG) | 06 - 21155712

A. (Hafid) Ballafkih

Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE)

T.P.F. (Thierry) Verburgh

Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries (FDMCI) | 06 - 15638960

J. (Jorien) van der Laan

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law (FMR) | 06 - 21157747

W. (Wanda) de Wit

Faculty of Education (FOO) | 06-11296938

M.M.J.M. (Maurice) Pelt

Faculty of Technology (FT)| 06-41805647


If you are not able to reach your own data steward, please contact RDM Support.

RDM Support


The administrators of UvA/AUAS figshare at UvA/AUAS Library have access to (the items in) all accounts in UvA/AUAS figshare. The data stewards have access to (the items in) all accounts of the researchers in their group(s). Both administrators and data stewards are bound by an obligation of confidentiality.