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There are various forms of support to help you manage research data correctly.

RDM Support

If you have any questions on research data management, do not hesitate to contact RDM Support. During office hours you can reach us by email at or by telephone at 020 – 525 4900.

RDM Support is backed by an organisation-wide network of data experts. RDM Support is managed by the UvA/AUAS Library.

Data stewards

Each faculty has appointed one or more data stewards. Your data steward can support you with managing your research data. 

Data stewards UvA

drs. B.C. (Bas) Bouten MBA

Faculty of Economics & Business (FEB) and ABS-RI

ing. J.M. (Jolanda) Vroons


drs. G. (Gea) Lindeboom

Faculty of Humanities (FGw)

dr. J. (Jasper) van de Pol


dr. J.G. (Jasper) Wijnen


dr. G.J.A. (Harry) Garst


Mr B.N.J. (Boy) Menist

Faculty of Science (FNWI)

drs. S. (Sanne) Veenenbos

Faculty of Law (FdR)

Data stewards AUAS

N.R. (Niek) van Ulzen

Faculty of Sports and Nutrition (FBSV)

Faculty of Health (FG) | 06 - 21155712

A. (Hafid) Ballafkih

Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE)

T.P.F. (Thierry) Verburgh

Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries (FDMCI) | 06 - 15638960

J. (Jorien) van der Laan

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law (FMR) | 06 - 21157747

M.G.G. (Mirjam) Walpot

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law (FMR) | 06-21155570

M.M.J.M. (Maurice) Pelt

Faculty of Technology (FT)| 06-41805647