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Data management in Philosophy

Data management in Philosophy

Research data

Accessibility of research data is currently receiving a lot of attention. Research submissions must increasingly meet requirements about the storage and accessibility of research data.

For example, the NWO-DANS Data Contracts Information brochure
(PDF, Dutch) states that when an NWO grant has been awarded, researchers must enter into a contract about the archiving and availability of the data.

According to the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice (PDF) the storage term of rough data is minimally 5 years. "These data are made available to other scientific practitioners at request." (III.3)

General information on research data management

On the RDM website you will find all the necessary information on planning, storing and sharing research data. The Faculty of Humanities has its own Research Data Management Protocol.

From September 28, 2017, all researchers at UvA and AUAS have access to UvA/AUAS figshare: a system for safely storing, controlled sharing and publication of research data.

RDM website

UvA/AUAS figshare

Finding datasets in philosophy

Research data may be stored in data repositories. These repositories can be used in two ways: for storing your own research data and for consulting the research data of other scholars.

NARCIS provides access to thousands of academic datasets and e-publications in the Netherlands. 


There are (as yet) few discipline-specific datasets in the field of philosophy. Try searching by 'Arts and Humanities' if 'philosophy' gives no results.

CLARIN (search term philosophy)

Open Access Directory: Philosophy

Datasets on political philosophy are mostly found under social sciences.

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

See also

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For general questions about research data management, please contact RDM Support. For questions specific to philosophy, please contact the philosophy subject librarian.

drs. A.A. (Lidie) Koeneman

Subject librarian philosophy